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Are Arrest Records Public in El paso County, Colorado?

Yes, arrest records are public in El Paso County, Colorado. According to the public record act, arrest records are considered public information and are available for access by the general public. These records contain an individual's criminal history, including arrests, warrants, reports, logs, and mugshots. They are maintained and made accessible by various government agencies at the federal, state, and county levels, such as the local Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the El Paso County Court.

How to Find Arrest Records in El paso County, Colorado in 2024

To obtain arrest records in El Paso County, Colorado, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office at!/search. This website provides a search feature where you can search for arrest records by name, date of birth, address, case number, and charges.

  2. Another valuable resource is the Colorado Springs Police Department website at Here, you can find police blotter records that include record identification numbers, incident dates, and summaries.

  3. The Colorado Springs Municipal Court also provides access to arrest records through their Justice Information System (JIS). You can search for court summons or parking tickets at

  4. For court and district court dockets, you can visit the official website of the Colorado State Courts at Here, you can search for El Paso County court records by case number, party name, and more.

  5. Additionally, the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Police Department provides crime and fire records on their website at You can view these records by date.

Please note that some of these resources may require you to provide specific details, such as the individual's name or case number, to access the arrest records. It is also important to keep in mind that the availability of online records may vary, and some records may only be accessible in person or through specific government agencies.

Police Departments in El paso County, Colorado

  • El Paso County Sheriff's Office: 27 E Vermijo Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, Phone: (719) 520-7100
  • Colorado Springs Police Department: 705 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, Phone: (719) 444-7000
  • Fountain Police Department: 222 N Santa Fe Ave, Fountain, CO 80817, Phone: (719) 382-8555
  • Manitou Springs Police Department: 606 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829, Phone: (719) 685-5407
  • Green Mountain Falls Marshal's Office: 10530 Ute Pass Ave, Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819, Phone: (719) 684-9414
  • Monument Police Department: 645 Beacon Lite Rd, Monument, CO 80132, Phone: (719) 481-3253

Please note that the above information is subject to change. It is recommended to contact the respective police departments directly for the most up-to-date information.

Lookup Arrest Records in El paso County, Colorado

To lookup arrest records in El Paso County, Colorado, you can visit the following websites:

Please note that the availability of online arrest records may vary, and it is recommended to check the specific websites for more information.