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Are Driving Records Public in Colorado?

Yes, driving records are public in Colorado. According to the Colorado Public Records Act, which grants public access to government records, driving records fall under the category of public information. This means that any member of the public can request and obtain driving records for individuals in the state of Colorado.

The purpose behind making driving records public is to promote transparency and accountability. By allowing access to driving records, individuals and organizations can make informed decisions regarding the safety and reliability of drivers. This is particularly important for employers who need to assess the driving history of potential employees, insurance companies determining insurance rates, and law enforcement agencies investigating traffic violations and accidents.

It is worth noting that while driving records are generally public, certain personal information may be redacted or restricted from public view in order to protect an individual's privacy. This includes sensitive information such as social security numbers, medical records, and personal contact information. However, details regarding traffic violations, license suspensions, and accidents are typically available for public access.

What Is Included in Driving Records in Colorado?

Driving records in Colorado contain a variety of information related to an individual's driving history. Some of the key details included in driving records are:

  1. Personal Information: This includes the driver's full name, date of birth, and address.

  2. License Status: The driving record will indicate whether the driver's license is valid, suspended, revoked, or canceled.

  3. Traffic Violations: Any traffic violations, such as speeding tickets, DUI offenses, or reckless driving, will be recorded in the driving record.

  4. Accidents: Details of any accidents the driver has been involved in, including the date, location, and severity of the accident, will be documented.

  5. License Points: Colorado operates on a points system, where points are assigned to drivers for traffic violations. The driving record will indicate the number of points accumulated by the driver.

  6. License History: The driving record will provide a history of the driver's licenses, including issue dates, renewal dates, and any previous suspensions or revocations.

How to Get Driving Records in Colorado in 2024

To obtain driving records in Colorado, you have several options available. Here's how you can get driving records in Colorado in 2024:

  • Online: The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides an online portal where you can request and access driving records electronically. Simply visit the official Colorado DMV website and follow the instructions to request driving records online.

  • In Person: You can also visit your local Colorado DMV office in person and request driving records. Bring valid identification and any necessary fees as required by the DMV.

  • Mail: If you prefer to request driving records by mail, you can send a written request to the Colorado DMV along with the required fees and a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of the records.

  • Third-Party Services: There are also third-party services available that provide access to driving records for a fee. These services may offer additional convenience and faster processing times.

Please note that specific requirements and fees may vary, so it is advisable to check the official Colorado DMV website for the most up-to-date information on obtaining driving records.

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